1 The best blazer in Bangladesh

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The best blazer in BangladeshThe best blazer in Bangladesh





The best blazer in Bangladesh

The best blazer in Bangladesh


Blazers are worn with a wide variety of clothes, ranging from a dress shirt and necktie to an open-necked polo shirt, or even just a plain T-shirt. They are seen with trousers of all colours and fabrics, from the classic white cotton or linen, to grey flannel, to brown or beige chinos, and also jeans.A fitted, classically cut, double-breasted navy blue blazer with navy-style buttons is a popular design and sometimes referred to as a “reefer” blazer. Particularly in North America and the United Kingdom, it is now frequently used in business casual attire.

The best blazer in Bangladesh

Cambridge University Rifle Association half-blue blazer

Blazers, in a wide range of colours, are worn as part of school uniforms by many schools across the Commonwealth, and are still daily wear for most uniformed pupils in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

These are blazers in the traditional sense: single-breasted, and often of bright colours or with piping. This style is also worn by some boat clubs, such as those in Cambridge or Oxford, with the piped version used only on special occasions such as a boat club dinner.

In this case, the piping is in college colours, and college buttons are worn. This traditional style can be seen in many films set in the Edwardian era, such as Kind Hearts and Coronets.

The best blazer in Bangladesh

Where the blazer is part of the dress of a school, college, sports club, or armed service regimental association (veterans’ organization), it is normal for a badge to be sewn to the breast pocket.

In schools, this badge may vary according to the pupil’s standing in the school: being a member of the junior or senior school, being a prefect, or having been awarded colours in recognition of particular achievement in some academic or sporting field.

In the Commonwealth, many regimental associations wear “regimental blazers” which also sport a similar badge on the breast pocket, usually in the form of a wire badge, and sometimes also regimental blazer buttons.

The best blazer in Bangladesh

In the British army, officers do not normally wear badges on their blazers (or boating jackets). Two regimental blazers will rarely be the same, as they are sourced from different civilian suppliers and are not issued by any authority.

This results from the fact that the members of the association are no longer serving personnel, but civilians, though still retaining the bond that the badge represents.

The standard colour is navy blue, although in some associations different colours are worn, such as rifle green for the associations of rifle regiments.

The best blazer in Bangladesh

Blazers, once commonly worn playing or attending traditional “gentlemen’s sports”, persist in only some games now, such as occasional use by tennis players, or in cricket,

where in professional matches, such as international test matches, it is considered customary for the captain to wear a blazer with the team’s logo or national coat of arms on the breast pocket – at least during the coin toss at the beginning of the match.By the late 2000s the blazer had been adopted as a popular fashion trend amongst women, often having shorter lengths, rolled-up sleeves, various lapels and bright colours.Two sporting events where blazers signify victory are the Congressional Cup Regatta, at the Long Beach Yacht Club,

and the Masters golf tournament, held in Augusta, Georgia. The former event awards a crimson blazer to the winner of the regatta, while the latter awards a green blazer to the winner of the Masters.

1 The best blazer  in Bangladesh

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